Thursday, August 21, 2008

Yoko, Keisha Ann and Splat the Cat

Rosemary Wells has done it again! Her new book, "Yoko Writes Her Name", features Yoko, a kind and gentle Japanese kitty. When she goes to school and writes her ABCs as she did in Japan, two mean classmates make fun of her and tell her she will never graduate because she can't write them in the English alphabet. The next day, with the help of her understanding teacher and a new friend, Yoko begins to enjoy her new school and, when it becomes appparent the mean girls may not graduate because they can't write their names in Japanese, Yoko graciously steps in to save the day.
In "Keisha Ann Can" by Daniel Kirk, Keisha Ann demonstrates that she can follow the rules to make school fun. Each page begins with rhyming questions ("Who can catch the school bus for the early-morning ride? Who can wait in line until it's time to go inside?) and ends with a resounding "Keisha Ann can!" Your children will love to join the refrain. This is a much needed positive introduction to the first day of school.
Splat the cat is afraid of his first day at school. He finds every excuse not to go, from not having clean socks to "the front door won't let me out, Mom." What Mom doesn't know is that Splat has packed his pet mouse in his lunchbox for company. Just think...a mouse in Cat School...doesn't sound good, does it? Mouse manages to help out the class in a time of need and the cats' perception of mice changes. Rob Scotton is both author and illustrator of "Splat the Cat". Splat has a soft, gently disheveled look, making him the perfect cat for this book.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

School's Almost Here!

Wow, we just finished the summer reading program with a successful pool party. Did you know we hosted about 230 people? No wonder the snacks disappeared quickly! Better yet, WE READ OVER 7000 BOOKS! Pat yourselves on the back and be sure you mention to your teacher how many books you read this summer. Did you know that summer reading serves a real purpose, other than winning awesome prizes? Each summer, as you read, your brain is exercising, getting ready to return to school. When school starts, you will find it much easier to resume your studies because your brain is now buff! So, goodbye summer reading.
Buff brains, report to school!