Thursday, January 27, 2011

More Apps For You!

Here are a few websites that list parent approved apps: Parents weigh in on various apps. Love their slogan: We play all the iPhone, iPad and Android apps so you don't have to. Mom recommends great apps for travel.
Lex Friedman, a frequent contributor to MacWorld, weighs in with his recommendations. Love that his kids started saying "dub-a-you", imitating an annoying voiceover artist. Made me laugh!

By the way, this is a screen of Pocket Frogs, another recommended app.

Monday, January 17, 2011

E-Book Apps for Children's Books

Wow, exciting things are happening in the world of literature! I spent a day last week working with an iPad. I found a couple of picture books to download with the help of the Library Services staff. Each of the books had their own charm. In "Emma Loves Pink" by Piret Raud, a little girl with a charming British accent narrates a story of a little rabbit named Emma who only loves pink until she receives a gift from bashful friend. You can view a portion of the book here.

My favorite story was "A Present for Milo" by Mike Austin. In this story, a cat chases a mouse only to arrive at his birthday party. In this short book, there is a total of 125 animations that you can activate by touching the screen. To view a portion of this book, click here.

In some instances, your child will have the option to hear the books read in another language, have the narrator's voice quieted so they can read without assistance, and, as we've seen, have some books become interactive. There are a few free books available on the iTunes page if you'd like to try it out first and are available for iPad or iPhone.

Oh, and don't forget, you may also download ebooks from our new Tumblebooks, too.