Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Let's "Read on the Wild Side!"

It's hard to believe but summer reading is just around the corner! Yes, registration begins June 10th and our theme is "Read on the Wild Side". To help you get into the mood, I have found some jungle crafts that will send you and your kids to your craft supplies pronto. My favorite is the monkey puppet! You'll find directions for the crafts here. Enjoy your craft!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Brides, Bums, and Monsters

It's that time of year when all little girls dream of weddings and brides. In "How to Get Married by Me the Bride" by Sally Lloyd-Jones and Sue Heap, our little bride gives sage advise as to the best way to insure you are marrying the right person. For example, "...NEVER get married when it's dark because you won't be able to see and you might marry the wrong person." The illustration shows the girl marrying a buffalo! This book will certainly keep you laughing!

If you are the parent of boys, I know you're familiar with the chicken butt joke. ("Guess what? Chicken butt!") Well, in "Chicken Butt" by Erica S. Perl, a boy irritates his father with that refrain until Dad has had enough. The son starts in again with "Hey, you know what?" and promises he won't say chicken butt. We all know that he won't keep all of that promise, don't we?

In "I Need My Monster" by Amanda Noll, Ethan's monster has gone on vacation for a week. How is he going to sleep without his monster, Gabe? Ethan knocks on the floor to let other monsters know his needs and interviews monster after monster. Some have manicured claws and that just won't do. Some have the required jagged claws but are either girl monsters (ew!) or have extra long tongues that don't look too threatening. Finally the intimidating Gabe returns and things go back to normal.