Monday, January 30, 2012

New Christian Fiction for the Family

Stephanie Perry Moore is an author who writes Christian fiction for young adults, preteens, and children and has really found an important niche with her stories that feature children who are struggling with peer pressure and their faith. In the past, she addressed issues that high school, middle school, and intermediate school children face on a daily basis. Now Ms. Moore has entered elementary school with two new series, Morgan Love and, partnering with her husband on a series for boys, Alec London.

According to the reviews on, "The Morgan Love/ Alec London Series are chapter book series written for girls, 7-9 years old and boys 8-12 years old. Both series provide moral lessons that will aid in character development. It will also help young girls/young boys develop their vocabulary, English and math skills as they read through the stories and complete the entertaining and educational exercises provided at the end of each chapter and in the back of the book." Wow, great stories and educational resources!