Thursday, January 28, 2010

Star Wars:The Clone Wars Has Arrived!

We've just received a new Star Wars series called Star Wars: The Clone Wars. You'll find all fourteen shelved in junior fiction under J STA. These books will grow with you, as they start with an easier content level and work into a more complex storyline. The illustrations are a combination of the older Star Wars movies and the new Star Wars cartoons.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Charlie Small Journals

Hope your holidays were as awesome as mine. Now, though, it's back to school and all that homework. Please take time on the weekends between science fair and animal projects to read a few relaxing books.
Boys, you know that reading can be a little boring at times--too many classics are required reading and, let's face it, they sometimes can be really yawn-inducing! We have a new series for you to try, though, called The Charlie Small Journals. These journals supposedly washed up on shore and there are doubts that Charlie Small, an eight-year-old, really had these adventures. On each book is the plea, "If you find this book, please look after it. This is the only true account of my remarkable adventures." I'll let you decide if they're authentic or not!