Monday, April 13, 2009

Fairies are here!

We have just processed the new Disney Fairies series and they are flying off the shelf! If you are in first through fourth grade, you'll enjoy the adventures of Tink, Rosetta, Beck, Prilla, Fira, Fawn and Bess as they face difficulties and find solutions to situations you yourself may have encountered in some form at school. You can also learn more about each fairy and play some games at Disney's website.

Another book you may be interested in is Fortune's Magic Farm by Suzanne Selfors. Isabelle works in a dreadful factory in a constantly dreary, rainy town to support herself and her grandmother. A surprise inheritance leads her to Fortune's Farm, a place where the sun always shines and magical things happen. Isabelle wonders how she can bring the magic of Fortune's Farm to her hometown to help her friends. But Mr. Supreme, the evil factory owner, has his own plans!

I, Lorelei by Yeardley Smith is a book that will be received by middle schoolers.
As the Swan Catalog says:"In letters to her recently deceased cat Mud, eleven-year-oldLorelei chronicles the ups and downs of her sixth-grade year, during which her parents separate, she gets a part in the school play, and she becomes friends with the cutest boy in her grade." Whew! Sounds like one busy girl!