Monday, July 12, 2010

African-American Series for Girls

We've had some requests lately for more African-American literature for boys and girls. While finding new series for boys has been a bit difficult, there have been 4 notable new series for girls.

Stephanie Perry Moore has created 2 new Christian fiction series for girls. In the Yasmin Peace series, 14-year-old Yasmin deals with minor and major issues as she navigates school but her faith helps her along. In another series by Moore, 10-year-old Carmen Browne also finds her faith to be a comfort as she too deals with minor and major issues. These books can be found in our paperback series section.

Nikki Grimes, poet, artist and author, is well-known for her Danitra Brown series. Her new series featuring Dyamonde Daniel has proven to be another home run for Grimes. Dyamonde Daniel is a girl with a powerful take-charge attitude and a heart as big as the world. In the first in the series, "Make Way for Dyamonde Daniel", Dyamonde is the new girl in school who longs to fit in. Confidence is not a problem with Dyamonde but she can't figure out why she hasn't made friends after a week in school. And why is that boy over there so grumpy? Leave it to Dyamonde to find the answer. Third graders will love Dyamonde. Check her out! You'll find her on the junior fiction shelves at J GRI.

Colleen Murtagh Paratore has a new book, "Sweet and Sunny", that features another perky girl, Sunny Holiday. Sunny is convinced that there should be a Kid's Day and is promoting it among her friends, with the thought of introducing her idea to the mayor. Sunny's father is in prison, her mother has lost her job and when a girl insults Sunny and Sunny hits her, Sunny feels hopeless. Her friends encourage her, though, and she's soon off and running. You'll find this book in new junior fiction at J PAR.