Monday, March 8, 2010

The Exciting Adventures of Jeff Corwin

Want a captivating read to while away the hours? Try "Jeff Corwin: A Wild Life". You know who Jeff Corwin is --he hosts that nature show on the Discovery Channel where he's picking up snakes , racing after various mammals and swimming in the ocean with sharks. This book tells the stories behind those adventures. For example, Corwin went on a dive to observe great white sharks. He was in a protective cage, wearing a very heavy diving helmet. The air to the helmet was obstructed and Corwin was unable to attract the attention of others on the dive to get help. He swam out of the protective cage to the boat and only after he had been pulled into the boat did he find out there was a 16 foot great white shark circling him! And what about the time as a child when he ran into the house with a garter snake dangling from his arm--still biting him! And the time a jealous elephant grabbed his arm and shook him like a rag doll! As you can see, there's enough adventures here to keep you captivated for quite some time! You'll find this book in our paperback section, call number J PPB C.