Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Fun Polaroid craft!

Do your parents still own a Polaroid camera? Try this fun craft that you can do with your parents. Take a picture of someone you love. The Polaroid camera makes instant prints and takes some time to develop. When the picture is almost developed, cut off the surrounding white frame. Gently peal away the front from the back. You should have a thin piece of see through plastic with some goo still attached. Using rubber gloves and damp paper towels, have your parents gently wipe off the goo but be very careful, as it is toxic. You will go through many paper towels! When you have removed all the goo, you will be left with a ghostly image! Then, for fun, go back and check out the back part of the picture. It will have a really unusual greenish, purplish image of your loved one. How should you use these? Well, you could put it in your family's scrapbook and surround it with pics of your house--ooooo ghostly! Be cautious and don't place your backing pic too near a window, as the sun will slowly fade it. Have fun, be creative and I'd love to see your craft when you come to the library. Want more ideas? Check out this craft video from YouTube!

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