Saturday, March 1, 2008

Donavan's Double Trouble

Wow! I just finished Donavan's Double Trouble by Monalisa DeGross and it's awesome!
Donavan's Uncle Vic has returned home from Iraq in a wheelchair. Donavan always looked up to Uncle Vic--he was a great basketball player, a fearless firefighter and all around great guy. But Uncle Vic is no longer the man he was before he was injured and Donavan doesn't know how to relate to the man he is now. In the meantime, Donavan is having trouble with math and Heritage Month is coming up at school. Grandma thinks displaying Uncle Vic's carvings at the school will help him feel better about himself but Donavan is not so sure. Strong support from family and friends help Donavan find his way. But what about Uncle Vic? Third through sixth graders, this is a great read!

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